Watching other people dance is a very helpful supplement to your own learning. 

When we learn a new dance, we tap into a rich cultural lineage. I hope you enjoy exploring the differences, similarities, and possibilities contained within and between these dances.  


History Of The Foxtrot- Ian Waite and Karen Hardy

good video with a bit of history; waltz--Foxtrot--quickstep:

An Intimate History Of Dance

Len Goodman and Lucy Worsley explore Ballroom origins in three television episodes.  Part 1:  how dancing went from being frowned upon as dangerous and debauched in the 17th century to being celebrated as an essential social skill in the 18th century.  Part 2:   how Britain's dance floors were revolutionised in the 19th century as the slow and stately dances of an earlier era were replaced.  Part 3:  The bold new sound of ragtime music arrived on Britain's shores from America.


A Short History of the Blues

Home made video worth 7min of your time.


A documentary produced by Shout! Facrory in 2003, including interviews with the Artists them selves.

The story of the Blues

BBC 4 makes a four part documentary exploring the blues as a kind of secret history of American culture in the 20th century and beyond.  part 1                                part 2  part 3                                    Part 4

modern dance

Dancer. A Documentary.



PBS's Roots of Rhythm, hosted by Harry Belafonte

Three part special that goes into the origins of "Latin Music".                                                              Part 1    Part 2  Part 3 ????

latin music u.s.a. (pbs)

Puerto Ricans and other Latinos in New York reinvent the Cuban Son and the Puerto Rican Plena, adding elements from Soul and Jazz to create Salsa. support PBS by purchasing the DVD here:  or youtube here:

Mambo or Salsa: What am I listening/dancing to?

beats of the Heart: Salsa (1979) (TV)

Harcourt Films production company founded by Jeremy Marre. I lost the link for this one, sorry.  Find it yourself and watch the other films done by these people.  Many films about the origins of musics.

What is Salsa/Mambo On1 AND On2

Sean Zion really explains the on1 or on2 Salsa story:

Danzon: Cuba's First National Dance

5min documentary from Sergio R Angeles explains how we got from Contadanza to Danzon.  This video really explains the beings of the social side of Salsa.

Salsa: A Way of Life

Some students from the University of Virgina made a video for their Salsa Meets Jazz class taught by Dr. Mike Davison. Its taken from a Puerto Rican perspective.

Salsa Music & Timing

This video will help with:  hearing the breaks & accents, and identifying the clave

street Dance

Liquid Lead Dancing - It takes two to lead

Trevor Copp & Jeff Fox | TEDxMontreal

from mambo to hiphop, produced by city lore and public art films, inc

the history of black dance in america

Narrated by Chester Whitmore. Produced and edited by Ron Parker.

Popular African American Partner Dances

Ron Parker gives us another great video about Swing, Bop, and Hand Dance.   

We Came to Dance

Tasha Blank explains the reason for life the universe and everything.


Harlem's Savoy Ballroom

Segregation had an Enemy: 

1920's Charleston history project

some gals class project youtube video:

Balboa & Bal-Swing History - Peter Loggins

History of swing in Southern California pre Lindyhop and on. part 1 part 2  part 3  part 4  Part 5


Terry Waldo Talks (and Plays) Jelly Roll Morton. Terry teaches us about Storyville and Jazz.

History of the Drumset

In this 16-part series, Vic Firth and Daniel Glass will be looking at 100 years of drumming evolution.

Does it swing?

Home Made 8 part explanation of the Music.

Jazz by ken Burnz

PBS television series consisting of ten 1.5 hours shows chronologically oriented.  If you want to support PBS  If not then you can find it on youtube from a variety channels.  

Willa Mae Ricker, Whitey's Lindy Hopper

A collection of Performance Lindy Hop:


A Brief History of the black history of Argentine Tango

Ron Parker talks with experience about Tango's beginning's after learning the dances it originated from, "Candombe" and "Cayengue", in his youtube video.