A Great Dancer has certain qualities that we can talk about here. 

AGD has great connection. A person's connection is improved by their pitch matching that of the music and style of dance.  If there is an ambiguous style of dance a person's pitch should match their partners.  Connection largely depends on the tone of the dancers matching. AGD always maintains a low level of tension for two reasons.  One, so they can hear their partner.  Two, because of The Law of Conservation of Energy. 

Musicality is paramount to being AGD.  The feeling of the music needs to be shown in the posture, on the face, and in the tempo.  Once you have the feeling, you can play with the rhythm by adding syncopations and pauses.  Pantomiming the lyrics is fun too. Swings and Blues contain a pulse - that pulse must stay consistent and on beat.  The steps can land on beat or roll through the beat, they can even land in between the beat, but some part of the body represents the beat.  Other forms of musicality evolve isolating certain instruments in the music and dancing to those.  You can also be a member of the band by making your body a visual instrument, you can literally be a member of the band.  This is most often done with the use of syncopations mentioned earlier.  

FloorCraft is its own quality.  What is your relationship to the place that you are dancing?  What type of terrain are you on and what type of shoes do your partners have?  Floor craft in Street Dance is more than being aware of the people around you.  Traditionally floor craft has to do with being polite on the dance floor. This includes only taking up the amount of space relative to the amount of space available.  Are you at an event with slotted dancing or proceeding line of dance?  In Street Dancem FloorCraft takes on so many more dimensional intentions.  The street is not always smooth and your partners may not be wearing slidey dance shoes.  You could be dancing in sand or grass or gravel or asphalt or concrete or mud.  The terrain changes your dancing immensely.  Also, if you do have the privilege of being on a nice dance floor, take care so that your partner's ankles are not being over-rotated in turns because their shoes are not slidey.  More ways to take care of each other include entertainment, are there people watching?  Dance closer to them and open your dance to show them that they are included.  Who is watching, is it a family?  Be conservative with your sexiness when the very young are present.  You are representing traditions and communities that came before you, please be respectful and set a good example. FloorCraft can include the use of walls, curtains, poles, stairs, chairs, and other objects in your dance.

Your mindset influences the dance so much.  We will spend our entire lives finding the best mindset for dancing in partnership.  So this is a quality never perfected but always improved upon.  The best way to influence the dance with your mindset is to hold the attention at having the best dance ever.  If your mind is in a negative place then you will destroy any potential of having a good dance.  Although we use dance as a tool for healing and self development/discovery, please remember that your head space influences your dancing.  Take that journey into self-development by feeling whatever comes up for you in your dance -- it will effect your partner.  Use dance to challenge your insecurities, use it to get in touch with your center and balance.  Grow as a person with another person.  Develop trust and intuition, be a pillar of strength and stability for another.  Discover your strengths and the weaknesses that come with those strengths.  You will always fail if you blame a bad dance on the other person/s.  Its your job as AGD to be the best example of a person you can.

Consider your Flexibility and Strength.  AGD takes care of their body.  A great frame gives you protection from injury.  Stretching before and after a dance increases your potential to be an even greater dancer and protects against injury.  Strength training helps with the big lifts.  The Law of Conservation of Energy helps you dance for longer.

Diversify and collect dance moves.  AGD has a diverse and rich toolbox of techniques, moves, styles, patterns, shapes, tricks, gestures, and rhythms to select from.  Learning from the dances that came before gives us ways in which to say what we want in the dance.  Solo dancing is very important to being AGD.  You must first be able to speak with yourself before you can carry a quality conversation with others.