street team

Street Dance is the idea that we can dance anywhere, with anyone, to any kind of music. The Street Team spreads the word and action of Street Dance.  

Members of the Street Team have demonstrated their understanding of body mechanics and dance floor etiquette.  They are teachers and leaders in their community, and are committed to building and expanding a culture of cutting-edge partner dance.

If you are asked to be part of Street Team you can expect to get telephone calls asking you to

  • Assist in teaching private group lessons. 
  • Coordinate group or private lessons- arrange the space, time, herd the cats, collect money, pay yourself and me. 

We also take time to train you individually.  On your own time you spread the gift of partner dancing with the world by going out and asking people to dance.  You also bring your particular flavor to the scene, some style of dance that particularly influences you.  Occasionally we go out to events, other than our normal partner socials, and blow up the dance floor.  Commonly this is known as a Blues Bomb.  We are united in a common effort to save the world with Partner Dancing.


what makes street team so awesome

Our streets are so Multicultural that we are able to pull from many of the street dances which came before us.  Every dancing style that originated through cultural means of expression has Truth written into it, Truth about our bodies and their dynamics.  I have pin-pointed certain elements in each dance that help us learn something specific about ourselves.  'examples to come' 



To be on the Team you must show that you have the skills necessary to work with my students.  You must also know the Ethos before I endorse you to take on the Street Team name.

  1. You must know the 4 principles of Consent Culture.
  2. You must Lead and Follow me in a satisfactory dance.
  3. You have a social dance practice.
  4. You have the ability to help the students ask the most helpful questions in class.
  5. You know the vocabulary, terms, techniques, principles, and some History of Partner Dancing.