Everybody likes a Good Bio.  Here are some.....

Tzoul is a well rounded street dance instructor. All of his training comes from group lessons and social dancing, with over 700 hours of instruction under his belt from over 100 different instructors. Far from any university or formalized training, Tzoul takes his knowledge from the streets and teaches for the sake of social dancing. Full time dance instructor since 2017, he finds his purpose in life bringing people together to experience absolute joy. With everyday research into partner dance history or exploring new dances or higher levels of the dances he teaches, Tzoul never stops learning because his students depend on him to bring them the best of what partner dancing has to offer. (for SDI 2019)

After an interesting attempt at a solo dance career; Tzoul began his partner dance career in 2013 by studying every partner dace style that Dance With Joy Studio (Portland, OR) had to offer for two winters in a row.  He then specified and continued his studies in Seattle, for the next two winters, with: Salsa, Bachata, West Coast Swing, Blues, Zouk, and Kizomba.  These days he mainly trains with individuals where he is based, Nevada County California, continuing his higher education by attending conferences and congresses from San Diego to Seattle.  Going on its second year in partnership with Ari Levitt - Heart Sound Fusion (a summer dance camp in the Puget Sound) is Tzoul's gift back to the north western dance community that grew him.  Tzoul facilitates a weekly Zouk Team practice in Grass Valley for Zouk Step.  Every Monday night in Nevada City Tzoul teaches and DJ's for Swouk Underground.  He teaches private lessons and an occasional Bachata group lesson.  He's one of the rotating instructors and DJ's for Foothills Fusion.  Tzoul also teaches before Electropical (equator themed dance party in NC).  Tzoul's teaching style is best described as advanced with the view that fundamentals are best taught through complex movements.  One of Tzoul's cliches is, "If it was easy it wouldn't be fun!"               (for North Bay Fusion 2017)


Since 2008 Ive been exploring partner dancing through a Blues lens, until three years ago when I started my own intensive training of Trad-blues, Salsa, Bachata, Tango, West Coast Swing, Vintage Swing, Zouk, and Kizomba.  I am a true Fusion Dancer.        (for Enchanted Forest Festival 2016)


Since 2008 Tzoul has been exploring partner dancing through a Blues Idiom lens, until three years ago when he devised his own intensive training program which included Trad-blues, Salsa, Bachata, Tango, West Coast Swing, Vintage Swing, Zouk, and Kizomba.  Tzoul's mission in life is to revitalize partner dancing by making it accessible to everyone.  Teaching private and group lessons across the country he calls his style Street Dance.   Emphasizing the importance or social dancing to boost the health of the person and community, Tzoul says "A great dancer can dance anywhere with anyone to any kind of music."              (for DWOS 2016)

Tzoul has the fortune of being a natural dancer.  Before 2008 Tzoul thought that he didn't need dance classes and that you couldn't dance to blues music.  His positioning changed after connecting with the Blues Dance community in Northern Colorado in 2008.  Partner Dancing remained in the background of Tzoul's life until 2012 when it was made very clear to him that partner dancing in its variety of forms was his new life's purpose.  To this date Tzoul has taken a total of 524 hours of group partner dance instruction in 25 different styles.  With a goal of mastering partner dance as a whole, he reports to being about half way there.  He regularly dances Salsa, Bachata, West Coast Swing, Fusion, Kizomba, and Zouk socially.  Tzoul sees partner dance as very meta and transformative in our everyday lives. For further vetting of his character visit Tzoul.com.      (for Sensuous Society 2017)


Tzoul is a cross-dimension dance instructor with 20 years of dance experience in the wild.  For the last 10 of those years Tzoul's dancing style evolved into one that includes touching on the dance floor.  Actively learning from the dances that came before us, often these dances were responsible for social reform.  Tzoul's aim is to bring partner dancing back into the social sphere where it can create the most good.  (Water Now fundraiser 2017)