What do other people say about Tzoul?

No one will top dancing with you!

- Malaine Snow, Boulder CO, June 2019

I know you’ve changed my life by the few dances we’ve had- what you have to share about dance and communication, flow, communion, and energy is a highly valuable and unique gift. I love what I learned about body language in just one class with you. You’re a wizard of movement and your brilliance is a gift to this world.

- Sitara Sarah, Los Angeles, June 2019


Tzoul was a joy to take a class from. His private lessons are very affordable due to the flat rate he charges; a few of us were able to split the lesson between us to make it easier for all of us to make it!  His teaching style is very fluid and the tools he provides his students can be implemented on any dance scene, be it partnered or solo. In our class we had 3 different levels of dance experience and he was able to address and/or introduce components that we all could work on outside of the classroom. It was refreshing to hear how all the movements we used did not have to be a pattern; in many classes I have experienced, the students are taught a pattern and then are told the mechanics behind it. Tzoul starts at the very beginning and builds his dance from there.         -Ashley Thompson


Passion, that is a quality that separates someone who's into something from someone who is embodying it fully. Tzoul Shine is the embodiment of passion, his love for dance translates directly into his Keen otherworldly ability to transmit his passion in to those he teaches. With Samurai like clarity and composed professionalism he guides his fellow citizens of the realm on the journey to find their innermost dance king or queen. His dance class offerings are something truly to be experienced and never to be missed.

- Kyle Nadi Sanchez Oct 25, 2017


I see the way you are supportive and (want to give the best of yourself) in teaching every individual who shows up for you. I see your generosity in the way you reach out and organize with a sense of community. I see your passion exuding from every pore. I see how you meet each person where they are in compassion, and not overwhelm people.  I see your engineering mind Articulate complex movement. I feel your strength in "the safety" of your frame. I sense your creativity in a highly developed aesthetic.  Appreciate how you channel into dance chemistry and stage presence.  I appreciate your professionalism, and trust you deeply because of this.  

-Ahni Airstep


I could go on....there are so many subtle layers to the magic of partner dance and they continue to unfold....that brings me back to Mr. Tzoul Shine, my human "gateway drug" into partner dancing.
On Saturday, he gave me a nearly 2 hour private lesson, and it was SO amazing. You can tell that it is his life's mission to dance & teach, he's in his soul's work. it feels like he sees through all the layers of whatever is happening in the moment to give you exactly what you need: technical, spiritual, form, rhythm, steps, emotional, you name it. He's like a dance therapist, and he's SO funny that at times i was laughing too much to dance. The class was tailored specifically to me, on how i could be a better follow without diminishing my natural dance style. since he does not trust that i will ever go to class, (which i might now- maybe....) he gave me everything he wanted me to know in that one lesson. WOW! what a game changer. I can't wait to try all the things i learned.
SO, this is all a long winded way to say, THANK YOU to Tzoul, and i hope some more of you will take notice of his gifts and utilize them. We have a mad genius in our midst, and if you tune in to the offerings of this beautiful teacher, you are going to learn a whole lot.

-Amae Love