"If it was easy it wouldn't be Fun!"

"How is Partner Dancing going to improve the quality of my Life?" Sure you have experienced a situation where you listened really well and were then able to masterfully address the situation. That's one way. Tzoul's view of this breaks down into five paths:
Confidence - How often has confidence been the defining element that you needed in achieving your goals.
Community - As we get older we realize what's really important in life.
Respect - Partner dancing teaches us how to ask, expect, and give this most important of skills.
Elegance - Be sexy while you address both sides of a situation using less to create more.
Communication - Partner Dancing is a safe place to exercise your communication muscle. Using your body to practice communication prepares us for real life events where proper communication could make or break our sucess.


Partner Dancing is a Microcosm to our lives.  Every aspect of how we interact with all things physical and emotional is seen in very fine detail when we are dancing with someone.  Developing our sensitivity through Touch enhances our relationship to the physical world.  Practicing compassion and confidence gives us the ability to have the right attitude at the right time.  Let's get both sides of our brain talking to one another - we can be balanced in our hemispheres, not biased toward one side or the other.  Become ambidextrous in the way you interact with each situation.  You can duck left or weave right, you can lean in or settle back, you can talk or listen.  Asking someone to dance is like inviting what's outside of you to talk to what's inside you.  Sharing a beat with someone is like accepting a role on a team.  Let's Dance.