Class Descriptions help to get people into class. And we must prepare for the change we are about to see in ourselves.  Here are some.....


Integrative Partner Fusion 101

Dance anywhere with anyone to any kind of music.  Share a hand to hand or a hip to hip connection with another person as the music rolls through your bodies.  Lead movements through a body of flesh and blood and follow that movement back into your skin.  Feel the dance create itself based on the Story two or more people carry.  When you speak the same language a more powerful narrative will be enjoyed as long as the connection is there.  Enhance your relationships with more vocabulary of body. 


Integrative Partner Fusion 102

Take a step with 2 feet while you've got the other 2 feet kicking out high.  Send a movement from the ground through your body into your friends body and see what happens.  Doing things together is always more fun.  Learn how to transmit and receive an others rhythm. Decipher the language of partner dancing to your music and your style. Dance with a hand to hand connection, then change to a hip to hip connection.  Stay on the same foot then switch feet.  Sway peacefully in embrace with a friend.


Partner Fusion for Pros

Dance like people are watching.  Perfect your technique, add some new moves, and develop your styling.  Create shapes from music and look spectacular doing it.  Enhanced confidence leads to better dances.  Be memorable on the dance floor, by learning the structure of"A Good Dance".  Be a force that helps shape Partner Fusion into the future by learning how to stay true to your movement in a partnership.  Learn the definition of terms taught to professional dancers from a variety of styles.   


Reggaeton Partner Dance

Less staring at the DJ and more doing what they want; dance with each other.  Come face to face with your fellow dancers and lead or follow their movements with your own touch.  Give partner dance a try or develop your skills beyond the status quo.  Touching on the dance floor advances your confidence and harbors respect beyond the festival.  This music comes from other cultures and with this class I hope to impart appreciation for them.  No partner necessary but a can do attitude is required.  Shoes or bare feet, please no body paint, and come smelling nice.    


Touching on the Dance Floor

Ever wanted to get closer to the person your already standing next too on the Dance Floor?  There is no secret and this class is for experienced embracers and newbies.  This class is three parts: consent culture, close embrace dancing, and big flashy moves.  Musically this class is carried by Afro House and Reggaeton.  No partner necessary.  Proper hygiene recommended.