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Monday Night Swouk is about using the magical powers of Partner Dancing to improve the quality of our lives. The first 90 minutes Tzoul teaches the fusion of West Coast Swing and Zouk in a direct and accessible way. The class is filled with technique and explanations of why partner dancing works. The second 90 minutes is a social dance, giving opportunity to apply what you have learned. This is a special formula to ensure the movements are stored in your brain/body neurons for future access.

Take the time to search Zouk and West Coast Swing on Youtube. It will improve your learning and power you up with excitement and enthusiasm for life.

7pm Swouk Lesson from Tzoul
8:30-10pm Social Dancing DJed by Tzoul

The Haven takes good care of their floors, feel free to bring your dance shoes. Don't let your foot wear determine your experience. Its still great dancing no matter what shoes, but wear what's comfortable.

"How is Partner Dancing going to improve the quality of my Life?" Sure you have experienced a situation where you listened really well and were then able to masterfully address the situation. That's one way. Tzoul's view of this breaks down into five paths:
Confidence - How often has confidence been the defining element that you needed in achieving your goals.
Community - As we get older we realize what's really important in life.
Respect - Partner dancing teaches us how to ask, expect, and give this most important of skills.
Elegance - Be sexy while you address both sides of a situation using less to create more.
Communication - Partner Dancing is a safe place to exercise your communication muscle. Using your body to practice communication prepares us for real life events where proper communication could make or break our sucess.

Earlier Event: September 25
Later Event: March 21
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